Queendom Coaching Program

--Supporting women in securing a long-term, committed primary partnerships as well as creating the relationship dynamic and structure they really desire including non-traditional relationship structures. 

--Supporting women in building a life around their desired relationship structure such that all areas of their life are in alignment with their Queendoms.

With Carl E. Stevens, Jr.

Master/Guru level coach at PSAL.MS

Who is Queendom Coaching For?

The Queendom Coaching program is for women who are ready to level up. You have the success in your career and most of the material things you desire are accessible, but you also want: (a) complete and total fulfillment and (b) a life-partner to share your gifts, love, and success with.

When you're ready to tap into your magic, like for real. When you're ready to see the world reflect your light. When you know what you want and you're ready to make it happen. No hesitation, no more delays, no more mediocrity for your life. The time is now!

How Does the Queendom Coaching Program Work?

We'll work together for an entire year and I'll be connect to you and your progress the entire time. We're bringing out the Queen within you and establishing your Queendom. Here are the details:

--We meet weekly via video call

--We will also meet in person four times throughout the year for weekend intensive work.

--You'll have access to me via Voxer to leave voice mail or text messages to me 24/7.

--You'll have your own folder with all the video recordings and notes available to you for review at any time.

--We'll cover each of the modules outlined below to ensure that every aspect of your life is 100% on point and elevated.

--I'll give you specific exercises and processes that will support you in stepping into your Queenhood.

--Additional "in-person" meetings are available based on logistics and travel

Value Proposition

--Supporting women in securing a long-term, committed primary partnerships as well as creating the relationship dynamic and structure they really desire including non-traditional relationship structures. 

--Supporting women in building a life around their desired relationship structure such that all areas of their life are in alignment with their Kingdom/Queendoms.

Coaching Program Modules

The following is a list of all coaching modules available in the Goddess - Queendom Realization Coaching Program. NOTE: This list can be truncated and offered in smaller coaching packages as well.

001 - Individual Profile Assessment (via Discovery)

The goal here is to create an individual profile so that we understand what we’re looking at. 

Understanding an individuals complete past in the following ways: Age breakdown (0-8, 9-17, 18-26, 27-34, 35-43, etc), Mother and Father relationship and history, Siblings relationship, Extended relative history and relationships (i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.), Sexual history (i.e., when and how virginity was lost, sexual abuse history, sexual activity from youth through adulthood, fetishes, etc), Academic performance in school, College experiences, Past major relationships (i.e., marriages, engagements, Womb choice relationships, etc.), State of Health throughout one’s life, Major events that have happened in one’s life (i.e., awards, achievements, accidents, etc.), Life desires and hobbies, etc.

Value: Identify an individual’s potential addictions, traumas, patterns, proclivities, etc. Identify an individual's dominant tendencies in relationships, finances, and life in general. Identify sources of good luck, bad luck, and prosperity. Identify what the individual will tend to attract into their life. 

002 - Queendom Building

The goal is to support you in establishing your Kingdom/Queendom.

Value: Creates a solid structure and template for the individual to build their queendom/kingdom. Gives them the tools to communicate to their partners to bring them into the structure. Illustrates all the options to build their kingdom/queendom and identify where they need to focus their time to build it up to what they desire. 

003 - Trauma RESET & Removal

The key here is to remove traumas in order to free up your superpower. 

Value: Removal of addictions. Removal of behaviors that prevent success in relationships resulting in the individual being able to attract the love they desire and maintain strong relationships. 

004 - Sexual Power Realization

Tantra. Removing your sexual insecurities, expanding your orgasmic potential, and improving your attraction abilities. Practical instruction for body improvement. Practical instructions for genital improvement. Ways to increase orgasm and pleasure during sex. 

Value: To make the individual more orgasmic, allow them to induce orgasm in others with little to no touch, and to use sexuality as a manifestation vehicle. 

005 - Relationship Blueprinting

Offers a complete roadmap and blueprint of your relationship and provides instructions on thriving in it. 

Value: Provides a complete view of the relationship and how to operate it for success. Allows the individual to see why they got into the relationship, how to maintain it, what their partner needs inside the relationship, and what’s potentially missing from the relationship. 

006 - Relationship Contracting

Putting together an informal description of why a couple is together and what they are going to provide to one another as the core foundation of the union. The foundation of this contract will utilize the information from the Relationship Blueprinting segment. 

Value: Have a clear roadmap for you and your partner to follow within the relationship/marriage that will ensure success, happiness, and prosperity. In addition, following this contract will lead to the couple becoming a power couple.

007 - Mate Selection, Attraction, & Maintenance Analysis and Strategy

Reviewing practical strategies for attracting the type of person you’re looking for. Breaking down the need for a Support Choice or Devotee Desire when looking for a long term partner. Also, understanding the components of LOVE and applying them accordingly. 

Value: Gives the individual a clear understanding and roadmap for how to attract, select, and pursue the mate they want in marriage and long-term commitments as well as other relationship alternatives. 

008 - Marriage Longevity, Power Coupling, & Empire Building

Understanding the key to marriage longevity is friendship, open communication, intimacy, and acceptance of the individual. Anything not provided by your spouse can be obtained outside of the union. Utilize the UPLVL Communication protocol as a means to manage the relationship. 

Value: Provides the couple with strategies, clarity, and roadmaps for how to become a power couple and guarantee marriage longevity. This module also provides the roadmap and blueprint for building an empire with fully functional kingdoms and queendoms within. 

009 - Gender Energy-Position Role Assessment

Measure the individual’s gender energy (masculine, androgyny, and feminine) based on a scale and questionnaire as well as using their natal archetypes. Also measure their role position based on a similar scale. 

Value: Allows the individual to understand how to relate to their partner and what role and position they should each be playing for relationship success. 

010 - Open Relating Mastery

Understanding the principles of open relating including the four stages to opening one’s marriage/relationship. Discussing the differences between open relating and polyamory. Understanding the foundation of open relating is unconditional love. Understanding the spiritual journey open relating takes you on and that the other tools are required for success. 

Value: Provides the individual with the tools, understanding, mindset, and fortitude to create a successful open relationship (or alternative relationship). Includes understanding basic UPLVL Communication protocols.

011 - 9 Expressions of Love Analysis

Understanding how the individual tends to express love and from who. In many cases their challenges revolve around them wanting to receive love in the same way they express it or by choosing someone who doesn’t fully acknowledge their love expression.

Value: Gives the individual the understanding of how they tend to love, who they tend to attract into their lives, and the best way to honor each of their partners by loving them according to their love expression. The result is supreme success in all relationships both short and long term.

012 - Goddess Identity Installation

Bringing forth a God/Goddess consciousness and energy as the foundation of your being. 

Value: Gain clarity on what it means to walk the earth with a God/dess consciousness and what daily life actions reflect that consciousness. Completion of this module allows the individual to be on the earth without being subject to the events and happenings of the earth. 

013 - Reality Shifting & Resetting Skills

Learning to focus the MIND on what we desire and believing the reality around us will shift to accommodate our vision. Learning focus techniques that shift our reality. This is mastering I Create My Life. CONSCIOUSNESS, WILL, ENERGY, MATTER.

Value: Allows the individual to shape the reality around them through mind focus and other techniques. This gives the individual the ability to shape their reality and environment. 

014 - Spiritual Practices & Goddess Maintenance

Identifying your specific set of spiritual practices that will uplift your primary mission (spiritual and physical) for being here on earth during this incarnation.

Value: Provides the individual with daily practices to strengthen the God/dess self from a consciousness and manifestation perspective. These practices will allow the individual to apply self tuning in order to keep the body and mind strong and ready to function inside of Goddess consciousness. 

015 - Mindset Training

MIND, SPIRIT, BODY alignment work. 

Value: Gives the individual the skill at aligning their mental, emotional, and physical selves towards what they desire; thus, giving them peace, health, and ease of movement in the world. This provides the individual with the expression of power in all things they decide to do. 

016 - Financial Manifestation

A subset of Reality Shifting & Resetting Skills. Also, going through the steps of manifestation:

Value: Gives each individual the blueprint and steps to manifest their financial desires. 

017 - Relationship Manifestation

A subset of Reality Shifting & Resetting Skills. Also, going through the steps of manifestation:

Value: Gives the individual the blueprint and steps to manifest their relationship desires. 

The total weeks for the core coaching Modules are 50+ weeks (approximate). 


UPLVL Communication

Become proficient in the only communication protocol that will allow you to be heard by your partner and eliminate needless arguments.

Value: Trains the individual in how to communicate effectively and how to not be offended and triggered by their partner’s communication.

Mind, Spirit, & Body Alignment

This mindset training allows you to align your thinking, emotions, and physical body towards your goals and objectives. The purpose is to increase your efficiency in achieving your goals and reduce stress and anxiety in your life. 

Value: Trains the individual to align their thinking in the right way and eliminates counterproductive behavior in your life.

Bagua Character Mapping

Understand your MIND, SPIRIT, and BODY makeup. This allows you to understand your mental, emotional, and physical tendencies in life and change them if you so choose. 

Value: Offers a complete understanding of yourself based on when you were born.

Total weeks for the core coaching Modules and additional processes are 64+ weeks (approximate only).  

***NOTE: Session estimates for each module are estimates only. The work will be completed regardless of the number of sessions required.***

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