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PSALMS is the leading online relationships, empowerment, and metaphysical school. We specialize in cutting edge tools to improve every aspect of your life and bring you into your greatest potential as a human and spiritual being.

Founded in 2005 by Kenya and Carl Stevens, PSLA.MS has two decades of experience empowering humans for success in love, life, and relationships. PSAL.MS and it's sister school Progressive Love Academy have also generated hundreds if the worlds top love coaching certification and coaches.

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Through the Progressive School, I have discovered I used to look at my relationship for validation, I used to want him to be and do more than he was capable of! Until I finally understood, I'mr responsible for my own happiness, my own security, and well-being.

Kyss Major

Student since 2015

I would not be where I am right now if it weren't for the Progressive school's teaching's. I've bene learning from the people in this community. It started as a quest to soothe my own jealousy, which tuned into a battle to really own my sexuality and my voice, and now I'm seeing it's even deeper than that. So grateful to have a led up!

Jenny Digesti

Student since 2019

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