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Welcome to PSALMS Annual Membership, where you gain access to the most cutting edge relationship and empowerment information and progressive community on the planet. PSALMS (Progressive Spiritual Love Mystery School) is the premier online school to create the love and life you've always desired.

Join a community, as we come together virtually and in-person to discuss life and love using the tools and techniques we've learned. All meeting recorded and available to members.

Get access to the Root Worx Course, introducing ALL of the concepts, tools, and techniques taught within our school.

Access to join ANY of the PSALMS courses initiations, or certifications. We offer numerous paths for experienced and new spiritual partitioners alike. All content is members only.

More About Us

We've been doing this work for almost 20 years and are the origin a authors of many concepts, including Feminine Power, sexual freedom, Manifesting via the moon and sun cycles, understanding how and why we choose partners, the universal laws governing our environment, and building queendom/kingdom.

PSALMS Was founded by Carl E Stevens JR. (Rahkem Seku) and Kenya K. Stevens. It is the sister school to the Progressive Love Academy (PLA) - home of UPLVL Communication and the 3-Way-Mirror certifications. Both of these schools are designed to empower the individual to top into their God and Goddess consciousness and untimely manifest the lives they truly desire.

PSALMS has a specific focus on metaphysics and understanding the deeper meaning ad aspects of how we think, and how to be successful in our relationships, as well as how to use conscious though to influence our health, wealth and happiness.

PSALMS Annual Membership

PSAL.MS Annual Membership is required in order to take any of the adult initiations - Blue Butterfly, Peaceful Warrior Men, 13 Moons, and 9 Super Powers. PSAL.MS annual membership is required to take any of our coaching certification course as well.

  • Access to powerful adult initations
  • Coaching liceses and cettifcations
  • Amazing community of like minded people, and discounts to annual events

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